We Are Separate / We Are Desperate

by Será

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released October 14, 2016

Joshua Stark - Vocals
Henry Mesias - Bass
Wendel - Drums
Welch - Guitar, Vocals

Ian Shiver - Photographer
DJ Dohar - Digitech
Andrew Kenney - Photo Retoucher

Produced/Mixed by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business.

Mastered by Audiosiege



all rights reserved


Será Washington, D.C.

Loud and heavy punk from the District of Corruption.

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Track Name: Stare and Slow
I howl at the moon
It never calls back to me
Just stares and slows
I’d rip it down If I could

Tell me you can hear me
Tell me you’ll be back tomorrow

Don’t let me see a different side of you
Until I say I’m ready

Keep your distance
But don’t go too far
Track Name: For Rain
Throw up my arms
Scream for rain
For anything

For a chance to keep the dust at bay
I won’t breathe copper, dirt of centuries
Cough it out before it weighs me down

Carve the past
In trees that drown in the floods

Claw at the banks
Churn the mud and debris

Stand at the edge
Wait to cross
Stare at the edge
At the loss
Track Name: Pneumo
Breathe deep and swear to me you won’t disappear too soon

Blow the mist from your lungs
Cough out the fog
You are more than the storm inside your chest

Lay still like the pause between lightning and thunder

Come back to us with a voice you never had
Track Name: Bloom / Grow
Love and fear are digging roots inside of me
It’s not a home when it’s overgrown

I don’t know what parts are my own

I bloom and grow

All I wanted was to be alone
Now I’m breaking through the floorboards
I scale the walls

All I wanted was to be alone
Shatter the windows and lock the door

I don’t know what parts are my own
It’s not a home when it’s overgrown

All I wanted was to be alone
Stay underground
Wait out the cold

I never knew what I’d sown
It’s not a home when it’s overgrown